Driftwood Martial Arts

Kitchener Waterloo's Premiere Karate / Martial Arts Studio

Martial arts programs for everyone, from 3 year olds to adults. All fitness levels are welcome! A martial arts class is more than exercise for yourself or your child. They empower us to protect ourselves, build inner and outer strength and give us confidence, clarity and discipline. Because of their focus on building strong bodies and minds, martial arts are an effective way to manage stress, boost energy, lose weight, achieve mental focus and enhance personal safety. Often, benefits are noticed from the very first class.

Our programs include:


For pre-school and kindergarten aged children. This program is unique to Driftwood and was specially designed by studio owner, Sensei Adette Rice. Instructors teach children about safety, bully busting and traditional Japanese martial arts in a warm, nurturing environment. Children develop listening skills, fine and gross motor skills, socialization skills and also have a whole lot of fun! Visit our NEW WEEKICK™ WEBSITE.

Kidsafe Youth Karate

For children in grades 1 to 9. This program is about way more than punching and kicking. Kids gain a major advantage by learning about peaceful conflict resolution, self-protection, perseverance and self-esteem.

Adult Karate

For ages 15 and up. Gain physical strength, a healthy body, strong mind and self-defense skills by joining these dynamic classes.

We also offer private lessons, Freedom From Fear assault prevention training for girls and women, weaponry training and kids’ birthday parties. Studio owner, Sensei Adette Rice, is the winner of the 2010 and 2011 Readers Select Award for Best Coach and Driftwood is a five-time winner of the Readers Select Award for best martial arts studio.

Drop by our studio or browse our website to see how martial arts can benefit you and your family both physically and mentally.

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Why karate should be a top priority
for your children

Pick the kids up from school, drop them off at the pool. Eat dinner quickly, rush to hockey practice. Come home, pay registration fee for art class. Sound familiar?

Kids today are involved in more structured activities than ever before. Over-scheduled kids are often tired, less likely to eat healthy meals and have little time to develop their imaginations through free play.

Karate helps the bully and the bullied.

The Ontario Ministry of Education defines bullying as repeated, persistent, and aggressive behaviour that is intended to cause fear, distress or harm to another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem or reputation. It can be physical, verbal, social (such as excluding others from a group) or electronic. Bill 212 now allows Ontario schools to suspend students caught bullying, including online.

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